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June 12, 2006
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It is either a baby pokemon here, a baby pokemon there, a baby pokemon anywhere. YOu look for it by the diaper it is wearing. The easier pokemon to get is a weak pokemon, but of it being a baby, there is no strong pokemon really. It can be like I am as Baby Cyndaquil, or as strong as a Baby Suicune. It can be any Baby Pokemon that anyone can think of. It is that because all pokemon are babies at one point. Their first stage are known also as their baby stage. The white diaper can change colors if they do their business in it, but stay calm, and the grown pokemon will change them. Just love all baby pokemon like you do with a baby human, and they will love you back. Kisses and Hugs, Baby Cyndaquil signing out.
the baby pokemon poem
ShadowKnight-Dragon Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006   Writer
Heh. cute! XD
Knuffy Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
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